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How to make a 'screen grab' of your website and add it to a Flickr gallery

This is how you add a screen grab of your SBI! website to the gallery.

The process might look long and complicated, but it's really not.

Just follow the step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Create a screen grab

1) I'll assume that you have the Mozilla Firefox browser, because that's what SBI! recommends.

If you don't, download it by clicking the graphic below.

Spreadfirefox Affiliate Button 

2) Install the Mozilla Firefox Screen Grab add-on ... just click the 'Add to Firefox' button and you will get prompts to talk you through the process.

You can create screen grabs by pressing the 'Shift' keyboard button followed by the 'Prnt Scrn' keyboard button, then opening up Photoshop or whatever image editing software you use and pressing the keyboard buttons 'Ctrl' and then 'V' to 'dump' the screen grab where it can be saved or edited.

However, I have assumed no software and little knowledge of this process ... just skip this section if you know what you're doing.

3) Once Firefox restarts (it always has to do this when you install an add-on) you will see a little icon at the bottom right hand side of your page ... hold your cursor over it and you will see the words 'Screengrab!'

4) Navigate your browser to the front page of your SBI! website, then click the icon as in the picture below.

5) Opt for 'Save' and then 'Visible Portion'.

Flickr screen grab

6) A window will pop open and you will be asked where you want to save your screen grab.

7) Save it on the desktop or wherever you normally save your website images ... basically just somewhere where you can find it later.

Step 2: Create a Flickr account

1) Go to Flickr and either sign up for a new account or sign in if you already have one, as in the image below.

Flickr screen grab

2) Once your account is created, you need to upload the screen grab that you have just made.

Step 3: Add your screen grab to Flickr

1) Click on 'Upload Photos and Video' as shown in the screen grab below.

Flickr screen grab

2) Now click on 'Choose photos and videos' - see below:

Flickr screen grab

3) A window will pop open - as in the image below - allowing you to browse to the screen grab you made earlier. Click on your screen grab and then select the 'Open' button.

Flickr screen grab

4) You will be invited to 'Set Privacy' levels and you must do this otherwise your images will not display in the gallery.

Click on 'Show more upload settings' so that you see the full range of options illustrated below:

Flickr screen grab

5) You need to make sure that your settings show:

- Public images
- Safe level
- Screenshots/Screencasts

6) Click the 'Upload Photos and Videos' button and you'll see the 'success' message below.

Click on 'add a description'.

Flickr screen grab

7) You need to add the words sbi, site build it and sitesell.com to the tags section.

Also add a suitable title - the name of your SBI! website and your tagline - and a description ... whatever you think is suitable.

Make sure you save what you've done.

Flickr screen grab

Step 4: Join the SBI! Flickr group

The SBI! Flickr group is a public group (ie anyone can contribute) which I administrate.

Anybody can add photos to the group ... they just accept the simple and straightforward group rules first.

Here's how you do it.

1) Click on the word 'Groups' at the top of the Flickr page and you'll be taken to the 'Your Groups' page.

2) Search for 'Site Build It' as in the screen grab below:

Flickr screen grab

3) You'll now see the options below ... click on the link to Site Build It! websites.

Flickr screen grab

4) Click on 'Join This Group' as in the image below:

Flickr screen grab

5) You need to read and accept the group rules, then you're a member - it's as easy as that!

Flickr screen grab

Step 5: Add your own image to the SBI! group pool

1) You should be in the Site Build It! website group pool now, as in the illustration below.

2) Click on 'Organize' - see below:

Flickr screen grab

3) Click on your screen grab and and 'drag and drop' it into the working area, as shown below:

Flickr screen grab

4) Your screen grab will appear like this if you have done it correctly:

Flickr screen grab

5) Now click on the tab marked 'Send to group' and you'll be taken to the screen shown below ... click on 'Site Build It websites':

Flickr screen grab

6) You'll get a 'success' message like the one below:

Flickr screen grab

Step 6: See your screen grab in the Flickr slideshow

1) Click on the pink 'Groups' tab at the top of the page, then select 'Open group page' as in the image below:

Flickr screen grab

2) You'll see that your screen grab has now been added to the group pool - this means that it will now automatically be displayed in SBI! widget 1 and SBI! widget 2 that I created for SBI! users and your site image will feed automatically into Facebook, Bebo and blog promos wherever the widgets are installed - you don't have to lift a finger.

In addition, you can use the SBI! gallery however you wish to create your own promos.

3) In the screen below, you need now to click on the words 'Group pool' just below the Site Build It! websites title.

Flickr screen grab

4) You need to click on the word 'Slideshow' towards the top right hand side of the page, as shown below:

Flickr screen grab

5) You'll now be taken to a slideshow preview page, as shown below:

Flickr screen grab

6) Click on the word 'Share' in the top right hand corner and you'll be offered a link/URL or the HTML code to embed on your web pages.

You need to click on 'Customize this HTML':

Flickr screen grab

7) You can now adapt the slideshow to suit your own website needs, as in the screen grab below:

Flickr screen grab

8) Fill in your required settings and Flickr will generate your HTML code automatically, as in the image below:

Flickr screen grab

9) When I cut and paste that HTML into this web page below, this is what you get:

Congratulations, you can now make Flickr slideshows!

Step 7: Add your RR URL to your gallery image to help you to make sales

The final step is to add your RR URL info to your gallery photo so that you are credited for any SBI! sales that are made as a consequence of somebody taking particular interest in your website.

1) Click on 'Home' and go to your image.

In very light grey test - under your image - you will see the words click here to add a description ... click on those words and a text/HTML box will open up, as in the image below:

Flickr screen grab

2) You now need to add your own text and HTML code.

Take a look at my page and how the text appears on the page ... here is the HTML I used to achieve this.

I have highlighted my own RR URLs so that you can adapt the HTML for your own website.

Blue = RR URL

Red = Tracker link

<b>web-work-at-home.com</b> is packed with FREE tips, hints, advice and guidance for all online and web-based businesses. If you're thinking of starting a home based business online, you've come to the right place. And if you've already started a home business on the web, but you're not getting the results you want, you'll find lots of interest on this website. The website is built using Site Build It! ... find out <a href="http://buildit.sitesell.com/websiteacademy.html" target="_blank"> more about Site Build It!</a>, learn <a href="http://elearning.sitesell.com/websiteacademy.html" target="_blank"> how to make websites from the comfort of your own home</a> or discover <a href="http://www.web-work-at-home.com/flickr2" target="_blank"> why I chose to use SBI! after more than 10 failed websites</a>. However you choose to make your website, good luck!

Important note & disclaimer

This gallery is offered to the SBI! community as a joint resource which I hope will benefit us all.

You should note that the only time I use my own RR URLs are in the welcome page as you enter the group area and on my own website screen grab - like everybody else.

I cannot accept any responsibility for technical failures or problems with the feed and any queries about Flickr should be addressed to Flickr Help

I reserve the right to cancel and delete the widgets at any time, though if I leave the SBI! Flickr group, I will allow somebody else to become administrator so that the group continues.

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